Modern developments in access mat solutions mean you have more options than traditional timber mats. Although timber mats are still sometimes the right choice for the job, in some cases, you may be able to use products that are lighter and less expensive to transport

CLT and 3-ply mats have been on the scene for a while. Although they are excellent choices for certain applications, when you need a heavy-duty solution, only a timber mat will do—until now. 

YAK ACCESS is proud to introduce the new TIMBERLITE access mat to our product line.  

What Are TIMBERLITE Access Mats?

Developed and tested over two years, TIMBERLITE mats are made from a combination of mixed hardwood timbers on the outside and pine timbers on the inside. This unique design makes these access mats flexible, durable, and lighter than traditional timber mats.

What Are the Benefits of TIMBERLITE Access Mats?

Every project has unique site access needs, which is one reason diverse matting options are essential. When choosing the right combination of mats for your next project, consider the benefits of TIMBERLITE access mats. 

1. Lighten the load. 

Traditional timber mats are heavy. When you have the option to use a lighter mat, it helps you save on freight costs. TIMBERLITE mats are half the weight of traditional timber mats, which translates to savings that any project manager will appreciate. 

2. Get durability at a lower cost. 

Although not as heavy-duty as a traditional timber mat, TIMBERLITE access mats are more durable than CLT and 3-ply mats. When these alternatives to timber mats are not quite durable enough for the job but you don’t need the extreme toughness (and higher cost) of a timber mat, TIMBERLITE mats could be the perfect solution.

3. Ride on a flexible road surface.

Due to their unique design, TIMBERLITE mats are flexible enough to contour to the ground below. This makes for a smoother and safer ride because the mats don’t shift or lift during use.

timberlite mats in action at yak access project site

4. Tackle versatile terrain.

CLT and 3-ply mats are lightweight, cost-effective alternatives to timber mats, but they cannot be used on a wide variety of terrain. Like timber mats, TIMBERLITE access mats can be used in a broad range of conditions, including semi-swampy areas. The one exception is mountainous areas. Although TIMBERLITE mats are great for uneven terrain, they are not ideal for steep, rocky conditions. 

5. Equivalent environmental protection.

TIMBERLITE mats offer all of the same benefits as any other access matting solutions. This includes providing safe access for crews, supporting compliance with environmental regulations, and reducing restoration costs after project completion. 

When Should You Use TIMBERLITE Access Mats?

TIMBERLITE mats are a good fit for projects in challenging terrain where rubber-tired equipment will primarily be used. Depending on the location, this often makes them an excellent choice for power line and construction projects. 

When you can safely use a CLT or 3-ply mat for your project, they could be the most cost-effective option. However, when you need a more durable site access solution that also offers the benefit of a flexible temporary road surface, consider TIMBERLITE mats.   

Are TIMBERLITE Access Mats Right for Your Project?

Because the site conditions for every project are different, we recommend getting an expert assessment to determine the best combination of access mats for the job. At YAK ACCESS, our goal is to help our customers get the safest, most sustainable, and most cost-effective site access solutions. This is why we provide consultation in addition to selling mats. 

We don’t want you to get the most expensive products; we want to ensure that you have the right mats at the right time. With TIMBERLITE access mats in the mix, we are in a better position than ever before to help you provide safe access, protect the environment, and stay in control of project costs.   

Download the TIMBERLITE Access Mat Brochure for more details about this new and exciting product.