Protecting ecologically sensitive areas such as wetlands is one of a builder’s most important responsibilities. This is why so many developers choose heavy-duty ground mats for construction sites where the presence of large equipment would otherwise damage fragile ecosystems.

By creating temporary roadways with these products, crews can move cranes, bulldozers, trucks and other equipment around the job site without worrying about the enormous pressure exerted by their tires and treads.

Although ground mats can be extremely useful for accessing sites with wet areas, swamps and bogs, contractors need to use them properly to get the maximum benefit. Here are some tips to help ensure that the mats you use perform as designed.

Create a plan

Before beginning work, take time to draw up a plan of how your mats will be installed on the site. You will want to consider the most efficient routes for machinery to get to and from the job site, so you don’t buy more mats than you need.

Choose appropriate products

You have several options when it comes to access mats in terms of materials and construction. For example, you may not require as much protection if your heavy equipment has a relatively small footprint. In that case, outrigger mats may be the best solution. For areas where the soils are especially soft, lighter composite products may be the way to go.

Ensure sufficient protection for the area

When setting up access mats, make sure they cross the entire wetland area to serve as a bridge between more stable areas. This will provide the most protection.

Arrange access mats correctly

When placing temporary roadways, be sure to lay the mats with the ends of each timber running parallel to the direction of traffic. Doing so will enable them to better disperse the pressure and keep the ground beneath them safe.

Use machinery to place mats

Using skid steers and track excavators to place access mats makes the installation process as easy as it can be. Typically, a timber mat will feature lifting bolts on either end to make the procedure easier.

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