The solar industry is booming in the US. As more photovoltaic panels are installed across the country, supporting industries are also blossoming. From manufacturers to installers to maintenance technicians, the growing solar industry creates opportunities for both individuals and businesses. 

When it comes to solar installations, an efficient and environmentally friendly construction process is essential for success. 


The Rise in the Solar Industry

Solar energy solutions have been around for centuries—the first solar panels were installed in 1884—but it wasn’t until around 2016 that the industry started to take off in earnest. Now, more than 255,000 people work in the solar industry across all 50 states, and investment in this clean energy solution continues to grow. Residential rooftop solar panels, onsite commercial solar arrays, community solar installations, and large-scale utilities are all in growth mode, and the forecasts are only optimistic.

This outlook is good news for the businesses that support the solar industry, including site preparation and construction service providers. However, as providers emerge from the woodwork, solar companies must carefully choose their partners. 

If you’re evaluating partners for a solar project, download our free “Project Manager’s Checklist” to learn hiring best practices that will help you choose the right partner. 

Solar Construction Services

As a clean energy solution, it makes sense that solar companies would want to ensure that the entire process—from site preparation to installation to delivery—is eco-friendly. However, not all solar construction services take the same approach. 

Environmentally friendly construction considers every aspect of the project. Whether it’s protecting endangered species, preventing water pollution, or building a temporary access road to protect the terrain from heavy equipment, having the least amount of impact is the top priority. Choosing an experienced vendor is critical to minimizing your environmental footprint during solar installation.

Discover how BLUROC created sustainable right of way clearing for a solar  construction project. 


With decades of experience providing site access solutions for utility and construction projects, YAK ACCESS is uniquely positioned to deliver best-in-class solutions for the solar industry. 


SAFETY MATTERS at YAK ACCESS, and this extends to every aspect of our business, including solar installation projects. Providing safe access is what we do best. We evaluate each site and plan for every possibility. This ensures that our crews and all people on site are protected. We also provide ongoing, project-specific training to keep safety topics top of mind. 

Advanced Planning

Many people assume that any qualified contractor can create a temporary access road, grade and fill a site, and drive piles for solar racks. However, many less experienced contractors don’t know there are often onsite surprises. Buried water lines, inclement weather, supplier delays, and other unexpected situations come up all the time in solar projects. When you work with YAK ACCESS, you benefit from our deep experience with utility projects. We know what to look for and how to plan for the unexpected to keep your solar (or wind) project on schedule and on budget. 

Environmental Protection

Environmentally-friendly construction starts with a thorough understanding of the site, federal and regional environmental regulations, and project requirements. Our team understands the ins and outs of implementing a stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWPPP), including monitoring, updating, and compliance. We use customized solutions for every project depending on the specific needs of the site. These might include:

  • Matting to prevent soil compaction
  • Soil erosion strategies
  • Runoff prevention techniques

We know every site is unique, so we tailor our approach to every project. 

Brand Reputation

We understand how important it is to protect not only the environment, but also your brand. From beginning to end, we maintain a clean site. This supports a safe work environment and makes for happier neighbors. Whether you need to pass through private property, restore agricultural land, or keep equipment away from property lines, our experienced crews know how to navigate every detail. 

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