As every person working in the oil and gas construction service industry knows, each project exposes a unique set of challenges. A work site’s terrain will dictate which pieces of equipment and vehicles are best suited for the job. Oil and gas pipeline construction usually takes place in remote areas, far from major thoroughfares. To transport all the necessary tools and equipment across uneven terrain, construction teams rely on access mats and other temporary access road solutions.

The question becomes how to accomplish this task in a cost-effective manner. Two options are most readily available: mat leasing and mat purchasing. Each has its own set of advantages and drawbacks. But how can you determine which solution best fits your project’s needs? 

The answer depends largely on the scope of the project and the resources available to you to carry out the task. With careful planning, you can choose the option that affords you both ease and efficiency for oil and gas construction service projects of any size. To determine which will work best for you, let’s take a closer look.

Leasing Access Road Mats

From timber mats and cross-laminated timber mats to laminated mats, access roads quicken the pace and increase the ease with which you’re able to complete a project. To choose which option is right for you, you’ll first need to assess the timeline of your project.


For projects with a short duration, usually no more than 12-18 months, leasing is typically the best option. Leasing offers added flexibility for oil and gas construction services without the added commitment. And for those with limited storage facilities, leasing becomes the obvious choice. 

Resource your project with all of the necessary tools without incurring additional costs from access materials being left out in the open and suffering from damage to the point of disrepair. Because rental rates are low and based on daily usage, customers can save money up front while reaping the benefits that access mats provide.


However, there are also some drawbacks to be aware of. Leasing saves you money in the short term, but if a project takes longer than expected, the cost of leasing becomes less beneficial. Because leased access mats must be delivered to you, workers must account for additional coordination and logistics, which can alter the course of a project’s timeline.

Buying Access Road Mats

Other oil and gas construction projects far exceed the 18-month timeline. In these cases, it’s critical that companies invest in long-term solutions that cut down on costs and maintain efficiency at every turn. For these reasons, buying access road mats becomes the better solution.


For extensive oil and gas construction projects, buying hardwood and right-of-way access road mats increases your ROI because customers have the option of selling the mats back to ground protection providers. This is true even if they’re from another manufacturer. Once a company purchases access road mats, those mats can be recycled and repurposed for future projects to lower operational costs.

If you anticipate that a project may take place during a period in which mats are expected to be in short supply, purchasing access mats alleviates the stress of not having all the equipment you need when you need it most. 


Although purchasing mats tends to be more cost-effective over time than leasing mats, there are some hidden costs you should be aware of. The most significant costs associated with buying access road mats are related to maintenance and repair. 

The first and most immediate cost is a proper storage system for any purchased mats. Mats that are not properly stored might be exposed to the elements, which can cause severe or permanent damage. Mats that are damaged beyond the point of repair or retrieval from a worksite can cost companies thousands of dollars. The same costly challenge exists for mats that are difficult to install or remove. 

Another issue is fleet management. Transportation must be able to house and move dozens of mats at a time. Workers must also have the tools and equipment to load and unload large access mats with ease and efficiency. 

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