When you need to create a temporary site access road for a construction or utility project, you need a partner you can trust. If this is new territory for you or your existing vendor doesn’t have the right expertise, evaluating possible solutions with YAK ACCESS ensures that you have explored all your options. Here’s what you can expect when you build a temporary site access road with us.

Understanding Your Obstacles

Every project site is different. This means that the site access solutions that worked on a previous project may not be suitable for the next one. We use information from the project brief, drone footage, site visits, KMZ files, and other resources to determine:

  • The type of terrain you need to traverse.
  • Whether you need access through wetlands.
  • If temporary bridges will be required.
  • Navigation around structures, trees, or other objects.

Understanding Your Project Needs

A project that must accommodate pipelayers adjacent to a trench has different needs than one that moves lightweight trucks through flat farmland. We learn about the finer details of your project, including:

  • What heavy equipment will be moving through the site.
  • The weights and dimensions of vehicles and materials.
  • Who owns or manages the land that the project must access.
  • The property lines and their regulatory considerations.

Understanding Your Environment

Before providing an estimate for a temporary site access road, we learn as much as possible about your project and the environmental factors that inform the design. Then, based on our research, we’ll provide solutions that:

  • Meet federal and local environmental regulations.
  • Minimize disruption to wildlife and vegetation.
  • Address stormwater protection requirements.
  • Prevent transportation of invasive species to or from the site.

Finding the Right Solutions

Based on the above information and other relevant project details, our team determines the solutions that make the most sense. We are more than just a supplier of access mats but solutions providers with expertise in every aspect of site access. We look at every foot of a temporary site access road to develop solutions that might include: 

  • Combining different types of mats to optimize budgets.
  • Leapfrogging mats to save on costs.
  • Specifying mats that are in stock in a nearby storage facility.

Need help choosing the right mats? Check out our complete guide to selecting  the right ground protection mats for your next project. >>>

Implementing from A to Z

After a project is approved, our team hits the ground running with regulatory research and preparation to ensure compliance and minimize environmental impact at the site. Project managers coordinate safety training, crew schedules, and the arrival of mats and other equipment to ensure efficiency. They allow your team to access the site as quickly as possible safely. After the project is completed, our team removes the temporary site access road and restores the site to its original condition, ensuring that you meet environmental and landowner requirements. 

Benefits of Working with YAK ACCESS

Because we are not a mat manufacturer, we have the freedom to recommend the mats that make the most sense for your project. This might include a combination of traditional timber mats, cross-laminated timber (CLT) mats, wetland access solutions, and more. Because we have so much experience with utility and construction projects, we know what variables to look for. From weather to wetlands to weeds to wildlife, we know how to plan for every possibility when it comes to site access. 

When comparing your options, look at your estimates to see what has been included. You’ll notice that the YAK ACCESS quote has specific solutions based on your actual needs. This approach ensures there are fewer surprises after a project starts because we have already planned for the wetland, the stream, or whatever obstacles might be in the path. 

If you need a temporary site access road, contact us today to get a quote for comparison. We’ll take the time to learn about your project and provide an accurate quote that reflects your specific needs.

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