Disaster isn’t picky about where it strikes. Flooding, tornadoes, earthquakes, wildfires and other catastrophes can happen virtually anywhere. This means that response teams may need to deploy to areas without much infrastructure. Vehicles and heavy equipment often need to be dispatched to assist with rescue and cleanup efforts, but this can be difficult without roads or stable staging areas. However, there is a solution that allows crews to focus on the hard work of saving lives and restoring communities quickly and efficiently. By using access mats for disaster relief, responders can eliminate one significant obstacle to their success and fulfill their missions more effectively.


Made from durable hardwood timbers or composite materials, access mats are most often used in construction to create temporary roadways and platforms. They enable trucks and other large-scale machinery to access job sites more easily without an excessive impact to the ground. They can be connected to each other to cover a lot of territory and can be positioned by cranes.

When used as disaster relief access mats, the products made by YAK MAT offer many significant benefits for those who answer the call for help. They can be used to create temporary staging areas and foundations for shelters. Using timber mats during disaster relief enables crews to set up a helicopter landing pad, for example.

During missions such as hurricane relief, access mats can offer numerous applications. Because they are made from extremely strong materials, they can withstand any abuse they might absorb in an active crisis zone. The use of access mats for natural disaster relief also makes sense because they can be deployed and removed relatively quickly, enabling fast response times as well as a speedy return to normalcy.


As the recognized industry leader for more than 40 years, no one has as much expertise as YAK MAT. We’re the only provider of such solutions that owns and operates manufacturing facilities across the country. This means our products are housed throughout North America and can be dispatched with exceptional speed to the site of a disaster or emergency.

We also provide customers with the most reliability, which is crucial when lives are on the line. We build our products to the highest standards of quality found anywhere. This ensures that response crews can depend on them for high-level performance no matter what the circumstances.

YAK MAT can provide the military and emergency responders with solid footing as they cope with serious recovery efforts. For more information about what we can do or to request a quote, get in touch with us today.