Bulldozers, excavators and other types of heavy machinery are built to shape the earth. However, they often do so in ways that are unintentional. The intense pressure these massive machines exert on the ground can have unintended negative consequences on the site. Wheels and treads may tear up lawns and carefully manicured landscaping. Hills and slopes may be pushed out of place, leading to soil erosion. Delicate ecosystems can be so critically damaged that it may take decades for the balance to be restored. These are just a few examples of how heavy equipment ruins the ground, and they can create serious headaches for contractors.

Doing as little damage as possible is important for construction companies for a number of reasons. Guarding their reputation and adhering to environmental regulations are just two of them. Fortunately, there is a solution to these concerns. The use of ground mats for heavy equipment enables crews to move cranes, trucks and other large-scale machines around job sites with less worry about damaging the surrounding area. With heavy-duty ground protection mats such as those manufactured by YAK MAT, builders can concentrate on getting the job done knowing they’ve taken necessary steps to protect the site.


Made from extremely durable hardwood timbers or composite materials, ground protection mats can be used as temporary roadways and access platforms. Their capability for supporting immense weight makes them an ideal choice for protecting the ground from heavy equipment.

When laid out across a project, they help disperse the pressure created by machinery and prevent it from being transferred directly to the earth. This means environmentally sensitive areas experience less damage. The mats also help alleviate soil erosion because there is less weight being applied to a slope or hill. And in areas where laws prevent dirt and debris from being tracked out of the site, they can keep zones cleaner and help crews avoid violations.


We’re the experts in providing mats for protecting the ground from heavy equipment. No one else in the industry has the same level of experience or the extensive inventory we do. No matter where your project is located, there’s a good chance we are nearby and can deliver the products you need quickly and in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Make sure the impact you have on your next job site doesn’t go beyond the planned construction. Get in touch with us today to get started safeguarding the earth beneath your vehicles from excessive damage. We’ll provide you with a quote based on your precise needs.