Access, installation, and maintenance projects require more than physical grit. Logistics and project management skills require heavy lifting, too. Civil contractors want to win more bids, track progress, and analyze their spending in real time. 

Managing large construction projects requires quite a bit of juggling to stay on schedule, under budget, and in compliance with environmental regulations. Without the right support, PMs could drop the ball. 

Luckily, there are several construction project management tools on the market today to help PMs make informed, calculated, and cost-saving decisions. Here, we break down some of the most practical, intuitive, and revenue-building construction project management tools out there so you can hit the ground running on your next cost-savings initiative. 


1. Autodesk Construction Cloud

Autodesk construction takes all of the grunt work out of project management so you can focus on what matters most. With Autodesk, general contractors get ahead of bids so you can win more work and connect with your crews without cutting corners or going over budget. 

Whether in the field or in the office, teams collaborate via faster, more sustained technology adoption. Autodesk breaks down data silos so all teams are up to speed on the project status and can assess final project outcomes based on the same set of analytics. 

After identifying the best builders and vendors based on specific project requirements, it’s time for crews to roll up their sleeves. Autodesk’s project management capabilities allow PMs to streamline workflows and meet team needs more efficiently. 

Connect RFIs across the lifespan of the project to improve workflows and reduce the risk of data loss. Centralize meetings, link to meetings, and track project progress with markups. PMs can publish and access drawings from the field, collaborate with advanced markups, and auto-sync with mobile devices.

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2. B2W Software

Contractors, crews, and key stakeholders who use B2W software can win more work and increase profitability. In fact, users who manage their projects with B2W reported two times increased bid volume, 98 percent average costing accuracy, 30 percent faster data reporting, and 95 percent equipment uptime. 

Contractors compete to win bids using B2W’s templates, cost structures, and cost comparison tools. B2W offers robust scheduling and dispatching functionality to communicate among employees and route equipment, materials, and trucking.  

With so many moving parts, PMs need to be diligent about the scheduling of daily operations: who’s doing what when and how best to assist teams who may be falling behind. B2W’s field tracking and analytics tools offer customized daily logs and​ B2W Estimate, B2W Schedule, and B2W Maintain to help maintain workflows. B2W’s extensive capabilities also support equipment maintenance logistics, safety compliance and inspections, and robust integrations to facilitate seamless integrations between construction management software. 


3. Corecon

Need help crunching the numbers? Corecon offers project management and financial assistance for small businesses using end-to-end management functionality. Manage correspondence and documentation, execute quality control and safety regulations, map out scheduling, and refer to Corecon’s TeamLink portal for architect, client, and vendor collaboration. 

Corecon lets you draft estimates without any added hassle using its comprehensive features, including contact management, lead tracking and analytics, drawings and specifications, cost database estimations, and request for pricing (RFP) package estimations. Then, when assessing a project’s financials, get the most out of Corecon’s contract administration, procurement, and financial analytics and get assistance from the platform’s built-in HR and timecard features.

Corecon boasts cloud-based construction software that is available via Android or iOS applications.


4. CoConstruct

Have a budget to stick to? CoConstruct helps you achieve your project management goals without going over budget. Keep track of your project’s timeline, financials, and customer updates all in one place. 

During the pre-construction phase, conduct advanced estimating, use templates and cost catalogs, and view proposals. As the project kicks off, use CoConstruct’s job log feature, clock management tools, and labor budget tracking by hours and dollars to keep your project on time and within budget constraints. Place and change orders according to budget tracking and closely monitor client invoicing. 

Communication between team members and with customers is easy using CoConstruct’s scheduling, file management, and client and subcontractor management capabilities. The platform’s ability to sync complex installations, coordinate schedules, and map job sites also encourages team collaboration. 

Sync data related to specifications, selections, estimates, bids, and budgets thanks to integration with tools such as Intuit QuickBooks to help analyze your project’s spending.

Choosing the right construction project bid and management tool takes time, but the long-term payoff is worth the research up front. We’ve compiled the chart below to give you an easy overview of which tool or tools might be best for your project.


Autodesk Construction Cloud





Monthly Cost








Free Trial



iOS and Android


Cloud, Saas, Web-Based

Top Features

Accounting Integration


Budget Tracking


Contractor and Licensing Management




Incident Reporting


Safety Regulation



Subcontractor Management

Support and Training



Email/Help Desk


Live chat


In-Person Training




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