Between heavy equipment rumbling in and out of the job site, tools digging into the soil and the loss of ground cover, construction activity kicks up a lot of dust. While grime is an inevitable byproduct of construction, dust control should be a high priority for builders. Not only does the control of dust from construction and demolition activities benefit the general public and the environment, but it also helps contractors keep their machinery in good condition. There are many techniques companies can use for construction site dust suppression, including timber access mats and related products. When used as dust control mats, these can be extremely useful for limiting the amount of fine particulate matter in the air.

Why is Dust Control Necessary?

There are a number of reasons why investing in dust control on construction sites is necessary and beneficial. These include:

  • Protecting public health — The amount of dust that ends up in the atmosphere around job sites can cause respiratory issues in some people. This is especially true for those who have medical conditions that make breathing difficult. In addition, these particulates may contain pollen or mold spores that can lead to severe allergic reactions and even infections in some cases.
  • Keeping the environment clean — If left to drift, dust may settle into lakes, rivers and other water sources. In large enough quantities, this could lead to contamination capable of harming wildlife. Certain places also have laws that prohibit tracking dirt or debris out of project sites. Failing to use proper dust control methods in construction may put contractors at risk of fines.
  • Maintaining equipment — Keeping dust under control helps prolong the life of heavy machinery by keeping it out of components. Over time, dust and grime can cause microscopic abrasions that can speed up deterioration and corrosion, affecting performance.

Using Mats for Dust Control

Already useful for enabling cranes, trucks and other equipment to access areas that lack roads, hardwood timber mats such as those made by YAK MAT also help protect air quality on site. When used to construct temporary roadways, the mats cover unpaved access points and prevent wheels or treads from coming in direct contact with the soil. This can keep them from churning up big clouds of dirt.

In addition, using our OUTRAK® mats prevents vehicles from carrying mud and debris onto roads. The unique design of these mats cleans tires and tracks before they leave the area. This means mud doesn’t have a chance to dry out on the street and contribute to the particulates in the atmosphere.

As the recognized leader in access products for the construction industry, we have a full line of mats ready to go wherever your project is located. For more information or to get started right away, get in touch with us for a quote.