Construction project management comes with a lot of unknowns, but the more you can reduce them, the better able you are to plan. The beginning of a project is the perfect place to start—you can’t get to work until access mats have been delivered. Streamlining mat delivery with modern solutions allows you to optimize crew schedules around delivery times and keep your site preparation plan on track.

Using the YAK TRAK app gives you the visibility you need to manage site preparation for your next construction project. It’s as simple as opening the app to find out when mats have been picked up, how many are in the delivery, and what types of mats are in the order.

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Why Mat Timing Matters for Site Preparation

They’re just one piece of the puzzle, but access mats are the key to unlocking your site. Without them, you may experience delays or challenges that could prevent you from safely and effectively moving people and equipment.

Efficient Site Preparation

Delays in the early phases of a project have a ripple effect, which is why efficient site preparation is critical for staying on schedule. Having equipment and crews lined up for work they can’t start is also expensive, potentially impacting the budget. Getting mats to the site on time allows you to start your project on time and keep crews busy.

Address Unexpected Needs

Sometimes plans change or unexpected scenarios arise, and visibility is the key to staying nimble. Having the ability to quickly pivot is essential for staying on track. Knowing where your mats are and when you expect them to arrive will allow you to plan for efficient installation. You can’t make informed decisions about the schedule if you don’t know when a delivery is expected to be late because of weather, traffic, or other issues.

Meet Expectations

Successful construction project management depends on meeting schedule and budget goals. Meet stakeholder expectations by leveraging modern technology to streamline mat delivery and everything that flows from it.


Streamline Site Preparation with the YAK TRAK App

The stakes are high with construction projects, and early hiccups can turn into major issues. Here’s how the YAK TRAK app can help you optimize your workflow and keep site preparation on track:

Gain Control of the Schedule

Optimizing resources is key to staying on budget and on schedule. Plan your day around when mats are expected to arrive and keep crews busy.

Know Where Your Mats Are

Track the ETA while your mats are in transit to have a clear picture of when you can expect them to arrive.

Streamlined Delivery and Pickup

The YAK TRAK app works with our YAK DRIVER app—designed to cut through the layers of the freight process—to provide drivers with delivery instructions so they know where to go and who to talk to when they arrive onsite. This frees up your time and limits distractions for other team members. Use the app to keep track of how many more mats are scheduled to be delivered and when mats are due back.

Quick Quotes

YAK TRAK allows you to make quote requests directly in the app. If you need more mats, you can quickly get in touch with your project manager, instantly put in a new quote request, and manage everything through the app. The app also includes a digital catalog that gives you all the information you need to choose the right mats for the job.

Invoice Management

View your order and invoice history in the app to quickly access and share paperwork when you need to. This allows you to reconcile invoices, provide proof of delivery, and export any other details to support your back-office operations.


Get YAK TRAK to Support Site Preparation

Start your next construction project off on the right foot with the right access mats at the right time. Use YAK TRAK to stay informed about delivery times and order details so you can optimize crew time and stay on track for success.

Get the YAK TRAK app.