Although there are some potential challenges associated with utility scale solar projects, many of them are surmountable.

Plan with the right project team.

Although maintenance is comparatively easy after a solar project is complete, there are many moving parts in the development and installation process. Coordinate a project team that includes qualified environmental experts, civil contractors, electrical contractors, and other professionals. By aligning everyone early in the planning process, you can keep your project on schedule and stay within budget.

Work with site clearing and restoration experts.

Every solar project requires compliance with a stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWPPP), which is a living document that informs how certain activities on the site must be performed. Make sure that any site preparation vendors you work with have experience in this area because failure to comply can be costly. 

An experienced site access provider will also know how to plan for unforeseen issues, foul weather, underground obstacles, and clearing near property lines. When the project is complete, the site must also be restored to the conditions defined by the SWPPP and other agreements. 

The right project partner will also be committed to keeping your solar project clean with strategies that minimize transportation, protect wildlife, reduce pollution, and preserve the natural environment as much as possible.

Discover how BLUROC created sustainable right of way clearing for a solar  construction project.

Partner with YAK ACCESS for Your Utility-Scale Solar Project 

In light of all these solar energy advantages and disadvantages, it’s clear that every project team member must have the necessary experience and expertise to deliver a successful project. When you work with YAK ACCESS for site access, clearing, development, and restoration, you can be confident that your project will be executed safely, efficiently, and professionally.   

The Complete Guide to Site Preparation for Solar Energy Projects has more details about how to plan for a successful solar project—get your free copy today.

The Complete Guide to Site Preparation for Solar Energy Projects