If you have never been responsible for selecting, installing, and removing access mats, it’s easy to assume that the process is simple. The reality is that it requires a certain level of knowledge and experience to ensure safe site access while protecting the surrounding environment. Even if you have used access mats on previous projects and are familiar with the options, each site is unique and should be independently assessed before selecting mats.


We’ll walk you through the basics here, but we strongly recommend working with an experienced provider (like YAK ACCESS) when choosing and using heavy equipment access mats.


Access Mat Selection

There’s a lot to consider when selecting access mats for your project. What are the unique features of the terrain? Should you use composite mats or cross-laminated timber (CLT) access mats? How many will you need? The list goes on. 

A qualified provider will evaluate your project and work with you to determine:

  • What types of mats will provide safe access to your site

  • What type of equipment will be used on the project

  • How to ensure compliance with environmental regulations and landowner contracts

  • How many mats you will need and where to cost-effectively source them

  • When to get mats to the site to reduce storage needs

Remember that not all mats are suitable for all types of work, so you may need a combination of mat types to meet the needs of your project. For example, specialized crane mats provide stabilization and support that other types of mats do not. You can also save money by using a mix of heavy- and light-duty mats as appropriate. 

Need help choosing the right mats? Check out our complete guide to selecting  the right ground protection mats for your next project. >>>

Access Mat Installation

Smart mat installation requires strategy and planning. What happens when multiple truckloads arrive at the same time to deliver thousands of mats and you have nowhere to store them? Timing deliveries is critical for efficient and smooth workflow at the project site. 

Installation crews need proper training to ensure mats are properly inspected and installed. This includes installing the right mats in the right places and using the correct installation methods to ensure maximum protection of the ground with minimal wear on mats. Efficiency is also important for maintaining project budgets and schedules. Not all project teams have these skills in-house, which is one reason to outsource to an expert. 

Another benefit of working with a site access expert is that they can help you determine the most cost-effective mat installation strategy. For example, you can save on rental costs by leapfrogging mats when possible. 


Access Mat Removal

When a project is complete, access mats must be removed with minimal impact. Just as with the installation process, it’s important to ensure that you have temporary storage areas and/or trucks lined up to haul the mats away. When done wrong, access mat removal can actually cause damage to the site, having the opposite of the desired effect. 

Working with a qualified mat rental and installation provider also gives you the benefit of not having to handle mat storage, recycling, or disposal. When your project is done, access mats are efficiently removed and you don’t have to worry about it. 


Total Right of Way Solutions with YAK ACCESS

YAK ACCESS has the expertise and resources to handle all of your site access needs from beginning to end. In addition to matting solutions, we offer site preparation and environmental restoration services so you can keep your focus on project execution. 

With a large inventory of various types of mats and deep knowledge of when and how to use them, our team will help you select the right combination of mats for your site to ensure safety and minimize site restoration costs. We do more than just plug numbers into a formula; we help you develop an installation strategy that saves money. 

To learn more about access mats and when to use them, read our free guide, Everything You Need to Know About Access Mats.

A Complete Guide to Selecting the Right Ground Protection Mats for Your Next Project